The Frylink family entered the flower bulb business in 1866, when Adrian Frylink started growing flower bulbs. Over the past 125 years, four generations of the Frylink family have expanded the company throughout the whole world, with a main focus on Northern America. The current management team took over the company in 1990 from the Frylink family and continued further expansion till today. Frylink became famous when becoming the ‘first preferred supplier’ of the Keukenhof gardens in 1949, which, after 50 years, is one of the most attractive and well-known gardens in the world.

Our goal is to achieve long-term, successful relationships with our clients. Frylink is unique in it’s provision of service. Being very flexible and offering custom-made programs to the customer are key to our customer service. Each type of customer has its own different needs and we aim to grow with our clients. Not only in profitability and turnover, but also in quality, efficiency and creativity. 

Frylink provides a year-round program with a wide range of both indoor and outdoor garden products. We sell most of the products under our well-known brandname Royal Park. But, upon request, private labels are also possible.

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