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Frylink: for a beautiful garden

Guaranteed product quality

An extensive audit program for incoming flower bulbs and perennials as well as a rating system for suppliers guarantees superb product quality and the ability to offer ‘guaranteed flowering’ warranty to our customers. Thanks to the printed planting instructions on the packaging, planting a bulb, plant or perennial has never been as easy for the consumer, resulting in a beautiful garden.

In-house product expertise

In total, our team possesses more than half a decade of work experience in the Agricultural industry. We always have the latest information available about every flower bulb, plant or perennial in our assortment. Though continuous education, our professionals keep their product knowledge up-to-date. Our philosophy is to keep our employees motivated while at the same time contributing to customer satisfaction.

Customer flexibility

We are very loyal to our customers and are always willing to adjust orders when it is in the best interest of the customer. Although we work with a standard product catalog containing a very broad selection of flower bulbs, plants and perennials, we often adjust customer orders to changing demand.

Customer relieved

Our ultimate goal is to relieve the customer in all aspects. Since we have knowledge about every aspect of the bulb- and flower market, we are able to advise the customer on various topics such as bulb/perennial selection, store layout and store-pricing.

Professional photography

In contrast with the traditional way of photographing flower bulbs, plants and perennials, which aims on showing pictures of straight flower heads, our photo’s are more realistic and more inspirational to the consumer. The flower is shown in an attractive garden setting.

Modern and Innovative

In order to remain our leading position in the market for flower bulbs, plants and perennials, we stay keen on innovation and modernization. Facing a heavily changing business environment, it has never been more important to actively adept to these changing environmental influences. Some good examples of our modern way of thinking are our professional photography, our Lifestyle Concept and the use of QR codes to ease consumers' choices.